Radio advertising jingles for business, advertising agencies, broadcast media groups and social media

Radio Advertising Jingles and Jingle Production by

American Jingle

"Ever notice the last word in advertiSING is SING?"

Broadcast tv and radio "advertising jingles" are a great investment in your businesses future...

making your advertising dollar work smarter!"

Do you advertise on radio or other broadcast media and want a greater ROI?


Does your current ad with just a voice-over and stock production music stand out when broadcast along with 1000's of spots just like it?


Are you confident that consumers have your business name, number or website embedded firmly in their mind? Days, weeks and months after your expensive advertising airs?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then let  American Jingle provide you with a proven solution for your broadcast advertising success...


American Jingle "We put the "sing" in advertiSING!"™


We produce those catchy and clever little sing-a-long earworm ditties that everyone remembers.


You've heard them blasting from your car speakers. Advertising jingles that kept you tuned to your favorite AM/FM station.


What about those famous advertising jingles from classic television commercials moments after the tv announcer pleaded to "don't touch that dial!"


Smart businesses know that sung jingle advertising makes a lasting impression. From the family owned grocery store, small town restaurant or local car dealership to the larger regional and national brands still iconic today.


Who could forget memorable ad jingles from Oscar Mayer, Coca-Cola, State Farm Insurance, ACE Hardware, Nestle Chocolate, McDonalds, Dr. Pepper, Alka Seltzer, Burger King, Budweiser, Chevy Trucks, Empire Carpet, Safelite Auto Repair and 1000's more!


There's a simple reason tv and radio advertising jingle commercials are still in use today... especially those amazingly "can't get it out of my head" annoying ones...


Broadcast "advertiSING jingles" work!

"If your advertising for radio, television, cable, Facebook, YouTube LinkedIn and other social media doesn't include a "sung jingle"


...your advertiSING isn't complete.

Request more information about advertising jingles!

American Jingle provides custom advertising jingle production for radio, television, cable, the internet and social media marketing. Other services include original music for video, broadcast show themes, presentations, hold music, voice-over and copywriting production.


We gladly offer free advertising jingle spec productions for businesses, advertising agencies, broadcast media groups and their clients.

PLEASE NOTE: Our goal is always 100% complete client satisfaction.  We will continue to work on your advertising jingle production until we have achieved that promise!

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