FAQ Jingle Pricing... Answers to a few frequently questions about jingle prices, production fees, licensing, spec demos and more.

"American Jingle offers jingle advertising production solutions that are affordable and competitively priced. A return on investment that gives your business instant name recognition in your market that is invaluable!"

How much does a radio advertising jingle cost?
Recording production costs...
Recording costs are based on the type of production you choose and the session talent.  This being the number of singers and the size of the arrangement.  Good news! Our advertising jingles are produced in our own state-of-the-art-digital studio saving you money.
Please note: On most projects we can usually include production fees at cost!


However, should you request a "live recording session" at Abby Road using Taylor Swift, John Mayer and "The Late Show" band, costs are going to be somewhat higher.  We'll go over your production and talent preferences in advance during your scheduled "Creative Meeting".

Licensing fee...
Unless you want a complete buyout, American Jingle retains the complete copyright on the full production, music and lyrics. We then license the "jingle" exclusively for your use in your home market based on the latest Neilsen Ratings.  Current fees for smaller markets start at about $1000.00 and grow according to station reach.  Multiple markets as well as regional, entire U.S. and global are available.
Please Note: You are only charged once for the license fee in your select market! Unless you expand into new markets or territories your "Jingle" is yours to use for as long as you wish! We call it our "lifetime license".
How much does it cost to advertise on radio or television?
Please note: American Jingle does not sell radio or television broadcast advertising airtime. We only sell and produce advertising jingles for use in broadcast advertising media.
Your broadcast advertising schedule, costs and fees will depend on the station or media group you choose and their respective market reach. We will be happy to make referrals to broadcast media groups in your preferred markets should you require one.
A station Account Executive will be happy to provide you with the current rates for their broadcast media group.
Do you offer spec demo's so I can hear what my jingle will sound like?

Yes! We are always happy to provide a spec demo for your consideration. In many instances at no charge. Depending on the type of demo you wish to hear however, a deposit may be required.

Spec jingle advertising productions are available for all advertisers including ad agencies, broadcast media groups and their clients.

 Please Note: See the following question regarding spec costs and deposits.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes and No...


Yes... If you're a client who would rather hear a "full production demo" in order to make an approval decision. Then yes, usually a nominal or 50% deposit is required.  This covers some of the pre-production costs associated with your "full production spec".  Singers, musicians etc...  All deposit monies paid of course apply 100% towards your final production and license.


No... If you're a client that has a creative musical imagination. Will you be able to "hear" what the end production will sound like from a simple piano/guitar vocal demo?  If this is you then no... the "spec demo" is on us.


Yes again... Once you have approved the project and give us the green light to finish, a 50% deposit will be charged (if not already) with the balance due upon completion.


Please note:  The creative process is extremely subjective. Our goal is always 100% complete client satisfaction.  We will continue to work on your jingle advertising production until we have achieved that promise!

What types of payments do you accept?

We offer invoicing with credit card payments via Square or by company check.


For our Advertising Agency and Broadcast Media Group clients we can provide direct client billing or resale packaging if preferred.

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