FAQ About Jingles... Answers to a few frequently asked questions about radio advertising jingles and jingle production.

"The "advertising jingle" is a uniquely American art form! The very reason we call our company American Jingle."

So what's the big deal about advertising jingles?

Think about it for a moment and you can probably sing quite a few advertising jingles you've heard through the years.  Those catchy radio ad jingles from the AM/FM dial. Jingles advertising "mom and pop" small businesses like the local diner, plumber, pest control company or car dealer.


Who could forget those memorable jingles from iconic brands such as Oscar Mayer, Coca-Cola, State Farm Insurance, ACE Hardware, Nestle Chocolate, McDonalds, Dr. Pepper, Alka Seltzer, Burger King, Budweiser, Chevy Trucks, Empire Carpet, Safelite Auto Repair and 1000's more!


Why wouldn't you want your business to be remembered like that? To be the first name that comes to mind when someone needs your product or service?  To have them singing your name!


They work! That's the "big deal" about advertising jingles!

Can I use a hit song for my advertising jingle?

No.  It would be illegal and a violation of U.S. and International copyright laws to use copyrighted songs in broadcast advertising without first obtaining a license from the music publisher.


When you hear popular music used in radio and television ads, the advertiser has purchased a license at an expensive premium. You will too if caught!


What works for a large national company on a limited run ad campaign isn't going to work for the local small business.  First it's simply cost prohibitive!


When a hit song has been played (or over played) at radio, listeners will quickly change the station when it airs. We've all done that! What about the other listeners who never liked the song to begin with!


A better consideration would be an original "advertising jingle" in the style of a hit song you like.  One that doesn't steal the melody or lyric yet uses the same genre, instrumentation and production style.


That... we can do!


This would give you an advertising jingle for your business that becomes uniquely identified with you.  A fresh and catchy original sing-a-long folks will remember for years to come!

I don't advertise on radio... Why would I need a jingle?

"American Jingle creates an "Audio Logo" for your business that males a great "sounding" impression! No matter where it's heard!"


Today an advertising jingle can certainly be used for more than just radio and television!


Here are just some of ways you might be using a custom advertising jingle... Your company website, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and social media sites. Business trade shows and events. In corporate presentation and training videos.  Your reception lobby and telephone hold music.


Think of your custom jingle as a "musical business card"!


In fact, you can even create custom greeting cards to be used in marketing that will play your company jingle when opened!

I want a advertising jingle... What's next?


We're happy you've decided to give your business an optimal and competitive edge with a custom advertising jingle from American Jingle!


First we'll have a "Creative Meeting" either by conference call or if you're local, in person.  We'll discuss in depth what your advertising goals are and how we can help achieve them.


If you are already advertising on radio or television this meeting should include your broadcast media group account executive.  He or she will provide valuable insight into the new production.


Besides your business name, is it a clever sales tag you want folks to remember?  Is it your company phone number or website?


What makes your business special to your customers and which demographics are you trying to reach?


What musical genre and production style will best match your businesses? Should it be serious, inspiring, light-hearted or comical?


Once we've answered these and some other questions we'll begin the process of producing a "spec jingle demo" for your approval.  When you're 100% satisfied and only when you're 100% satisfied, your new jingle will be completed, mixed, edited and mastered for pro broadcast use.


Please note: See our FAQ Jingle Pricing page for more information regarding production costs including spec demo production and any applicable deposits.

American Jingle "We put the "sing" in advertiSING!"™

Let's talk more about a jingle!

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